Saturday, April 16, 2005

Mango Squash (Cool drink)

A very interesting recipe for cooling down in hot summer season.
Ingredients :
Mango juice - 6 cups
Sugar - 9 cups
Water - 9 cups
Citric acid - 4 tsp
Potassium Metabisulphate - 3/4 tsp
Method :
  • Select ripe mangoes that have less fibre. Remove the skin and extract the juice. Strain it.
  • Make syrup with sugar, water and citric acid.
  • Add the mango juice to the hot syrup and leave to cool.
  • Add potassium metabisulphate to the cooled syrup.
  • Bottle it in clean dry bottles, leaving little space on the top of the bottle.
Hint: Neelam, Preyur and Malgova varities of mangoes are excellent for making squash.

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I will try to make both your cool drink recipes.

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